Bless Your Food

muffinsEach of us is required to have a relationship with food by the very fact that we are human beings on this planet. The choice, therefore, comes with what type of relationship will you have? Is it like your best friend that you cannot wait to spend more time with? Or is it like an over-bearing mother-in-law that reminds you of everything you do wrong every chance she gets? The fabulous news is that we are in total control of this relationship, no other person’s ideas or needs to take into account. So how great would it feel if you were at peace each time you sat down to eat? How lovely would it be if you said to your food, “Thank you, breakfast, lunch and dinner, for all the health and well being you bring me.  May this meal empower me to live my life to the fullest.”?  Bringing this energy to your meals not only transforms the energy of the food on your plate, it transforms the way your food reacts to your body once it is inside your digestive track. Your attitude about food is enormously powerful to how you metabolize it and extract it’s nutrients.  You will be surprised what a difference doing this one thing will make.

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