What is Eating Psychology?


Are you wondering, ‘What the heck is this thing called Eating Psychology’?  It is a relatively new idea swirling around at the fringes of media and pop culture but has actually been around for quite a while.  Just like anything else that is revolutionary, it sometimes takes a while to catch on.  My prediction is that this is the next big wave in health and body trends.  That’s because Eating Psychology looks at our weight and digestive issues from a place that brings our mind, spirit and emotions to the table for the first time in a very comprehensive way.  It takes into account that what we think and feel determines how our body processes the food we eat and, therefore, how much we weigh and how healthy we are.  Eating Psychology debunks the idea that losing weight is as simple as eat less/exercise more.  For those of you who have been trying to lose weight for years the traditional way, it will be a big relief to know that there are many more factors involved and, therefore, more avenues to explore.

Eating Psychology also takes a look at why we eat what we eat.  Why do we crave certain things?  Why do we reach for food in a crisis, when we are stressed?  What’s missing in our lives that food becomes a placeholder for?  Who we are as eaters can tell us a lot about ourselves.  It is a doorway into understanding our wants, needs and desires.  Many times food becomes a substitute in our lives for the things we wish we had.  In my coaching, I help clients to take a look at themselves from new perspectives and shine a light on habits that sometimes are so hidden, they didn’t even know they were there.  In many cases, changing a few small habits can make a huge difference.

Eating Psychology is also about body love and making peace with your body.  You cannot hate yourself into losing 10 pounds.  It just doesn’t work for many reasons of which I go into in my sessions with clients.  We are just beginning to see as a culture that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  But for individuals, it can be hard to accept that their  body is included in that statement.  It can take some work to reframe criticisms and judgements that a person has been telling themselves for years, if not their entire life.  This work is so incredibly important for ourselves and for our world.  It is hard to love our fellow man if we cannot love ourselves.

There is much more to this field of Eating Psychology but I hope this overview has given you a good jump on the subject.  If you have questions or an interest in this work, please do not hesitate to reach out on my contact form or leave a comment below.  I would love to talk with you and hear your story.

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  1. Great article Kimberly, love thinking about this more in terms of Self-Love and less in terms of calories in / calories out. You have a beautiful writing style!

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