Which diet is the best diet?


I often get asked the question, “Which diet is the best diet?” and my answer is always the same, “It is the one that is right for you in this moment.” I know this is a frustrating response for most people, but the truth is that there is no one diet that is right for every person at all times. There are too many variables that are in play and many of them are not even about food.

Our bodies go through many different stages throughout our lives. We can all relate to feeling very hungry in our teen years as we went through a growth spurt. Our body needed more nutrients as we were rapidly producing new cells. Then, as we reached our full height and development, our appetites leveled off and we entered a maintenance phase.

As adults, most of us look back on this time as our ideal weight and we spend enormous amounts of energy trying to find the perfect diet that will give us ‘that body’ back. But this is where we get ourselves into trouble.

As time goes on, life happens. We get a job, get married, throw a few kiddos into the mix. And while, hopefully, these things bring us joy, they are also stressful. And stress has a direct impact on metabolism. Pregnancy puts enormous demands on the female body. Lack of sleep wreaks havoc on both men and women. Eating becomes a side note in our jam-packed schedule. Instead of savoring and enjoying our meals, we find ourselves going through the drive-thru window more times than we care to count.

We are not the same person we were. There has been time for hurts and disappointments to accumulate. We create new habits, good and bad. We may even have picked up a few vices or an illness along the way. It is not realistic to expect to weigh the same throughout our entire life.

And this is why there is not one perfect diet. Depending on the life events that a person is trying to digest, the body will metabolize food differently. We are a different person every time we sit down to eat.

There will always be pieces of each new diet that we can find success with individually. But the better question to ask is “How can I get the most nourishment from my food, my thoughts, my habits and what I consider to be true about myself, right now?’ This is a daily practice that will finally bring you peace and remove the constant doubts that come up each time you hear about the latest and greatest new diet book on the market.

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