What are you hungry for?


We all have built-in biological mechanisms that are set in motion by a cascade of chemical events within our body prompting us to feel hungry, search for food, ingest it and, then, because we did, we stay alive for a few more hours. This is our appetite for food. It is instinctual, powerful and so very necessary in order for us to stay alive.

Usually, because we have been exposed to images and expectations within our culture that show a very skewed and limited view of what is considered good and beautiful, we push our appetite away, try to control it with our willpower and do not trust it. By doing this, we lose our ability to really listen to our bodies. And because we want to be considered beautiful, we deny the needs of our own bodies in order to conform, thinking that if we don’t give in to our appetites we will shape shift into what we wish we could be.

After many years of believing others’ beliefs and ignoring our own appetites, we can find that we adopt this way of being in all areas of our lives. Our parents tell us we should go to business school instead of art school, so we do. Our boss says we should fit the company mold, so we let go of our creative vision and become a ‘good’ employee. This constant practice of turning away from our true desires lessens our ability to hear what our bodies are telling us. When we suppress our emotional appetites, we starve our lives the same way we starve our bodies, and there is a stressful chemical reaction that results.

In this way, our appetites for life get stuffed down and locked away. We yearn for something more, something bigger, something real. We yearn to express our appetites for life. Eventually, this yearning can manifest itself as extra weight or emotional eating because we start trying to feed our appetites, all of them, with food. What we need, though, is the ability to discern which appetite is speaking and which appetite needs to be fed.

It is time to question and review any rules, restrictions or limiting beliefs we have placed on ourselves, and in which areas of our life we have placed them. It is time to own our appetites and treat them with respect and care. Know that it is OK to want what you want. Know that it is OK to be different and to do differently. By starting to listen again to the whispers of our desires, we reconnect with our own true appetites. We then need to take action to feed them appropriately. Once we satisfy our emotional appetites, we will bring our life into balance, which will in turn regulate our physical appetite, helping our weight to balance, as well. In this way, we honor all our natural biological rhythms and finally know what we are truly hungry for.

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