Don’t think you’re beautiful? This is for you.



Beauty is such an abstract concept.  Yet we define it in such narrow terms.  Especially here in America.  Especially when it comes to women.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I find beautiful.  The list may surprise you.  But mostly, I hope it gives you a new way to look at yourself.

When I meet a woman who is super confident and sure of herself, I think, ‘Wow, she’s really beautiful’.  Because confidence is uber sexy, don’t you agree?

And when I unpack that a little more, I realize that she is usually really well put together. In other words, she takes the time to care for herself in the morning when she’s getting ready for the day.  She took the time to find clothes that flatter her body and look good on her.  She took time to make sure she felt good in those clothes.    She also usually smells fantastic which, by proxy, means she showered that day and has found a perfume that she totally rocks.  Lol

In other words, when a woman cares for herself, she usually has an inner glow.  And that glow is so beautiful.

When a woman loves herself, she exudes a sense of peace.  And peace is really beautiful.

When a woman is excited about her life and her work, she projects an energy that is positively electric.  They say 90% of all attraction is energetic.  I say positive energy is beautiful.

When a woman is living her truth, uncaged and uncensored, she is really beautiful. Because truth is beautiful.

When a woman has dropped all the ways that she holds herself down, and becomes fully embodied and fully empowered, she radiates a beauty that is palpable.  The kind that makes other women say, “Damn, I want some of that!”.

The truth is, every woman can have that.  It’s just waiting inside of you.  Waiting for you to notice it’s there, to love yourself up, to give you your full attention, to set yourself free.

The truth is you ARE beautiful.  You just don’t know it yet.

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